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Seagull Assistant Apk Free Download For Android. Do you wish to apply for a position working on ships or do you wish to learn more about the sea and ships? If so, Seagull Assistant, a great Android app, is what we have for you. It provides knowledge about the sea and ships in-depth so that you can even apply for a marine position after reading it.

As you are aware, many children wish to become marines. As a result, it is the finest technique to improve your skills. Before taking any official tests, you need to read through this app if you wish to apply.

What is Seagull Assistant App?

It is a free Android app that gives you access to all maritime-related information. In reality, it was created for freshmen looking to join the marines. Before applying to any formal platform, anyone can experiment using this application.

The Educational App essentially provides a variety of tests that users must self-evaluate. The first is computer-based training, or (CBT), which allows you to improve your skills. As you are aware, technology is advancing so quickly that it is now assumed that everything depends on it.

As a result, nowadays, most tests are administered via digital platforms, with computers serving as the platform of choice. This system led to the development of the CBT app, which requires self-evaluation and practice for the actual test.

You can learn the basics of marine biology using the second way, the computer-based education system (CES). You can easily find anything on the internet, as you are aware, but you must know how to do research well. So, this is the ideal approach to learning about water and boats.

Screenshots and Images of App

Seagull Assistant Apk Screenshots and Images -
Seagull Assistant Apk Screenshots and Images –

Key Features of Seagull Assistant

There are way too many features available, even if we just included a few in the section above. Simply download and start using this application. We’ll share some of this application’s key features with you all in the list below.

  • It is free to use and download.
  • It has a straightforward user interface.
  • It provides CBT and CES Updates. Details about the comments section
  • Pop-ups and ads are not present.
  • There are dual language options (Russian and English)
  • Single To share it on further platforms, tap.
  • Simple learning method


The finest app for improving your boating and maritime abilities and knowledge is Seagull Assistant. The greatest place to conduct a self-evaluation before an employment test is here. What are you still holding out for? Visit our website often for new, great apps after downloading this one.

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