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Ludo Supreme Gold Apk v1.2005.03 For Android. Try some strategic games, one of the best sources of enjoyment, if you wish to vary your gaming preferences. A board game is one of the most popular strategy games. Download “Ludo Supreme Gold Apk” for Android smartphones and tablets if you wish to play board games.

You can choose to play this game online from your smartphone against members of your family, your friends, or players from all around the world. You can choose to compete against other players alone or form a team of two and compete against other teams.

Choose two players for your team from among your loved ones, friends, or people from all around the world. You can start playing this game once you’ve chosen your team. You must use up every token in this game before any other players.

You must download and install Ludo Supreme Gold on your devices if you are tired of playing RPG and action games and want to play something different for fun. Both iOS and Android smartphones can be used to play this game.

What is Ludo Supreme Gold Apk?

For people who wish to play board games like Ludo Supreme Gold Mod Apk on their smartphone, Ludo Star has developed and made available this Android game.

The rules of this most recent Ludo game are the same as those of the previous Ludo start game, which requires players to roll dice during their turn and move their token in accordance with the number they receive. By landing in the same spot as your opponent, you can remove their piece of the board.

The newest auto mode, which identifies cheats and hacks used by other players, has been added by the game’s developers so that you can enjoy the match without using a hack or cheat. Both online and offline modes of this game are functional.

You must have an internet connection to play in the online mode against gamers from across the globe. You can use offline mode without an internet connection, though. You can choose to play with your pals or against other mobile devices in offline mode.

Screenshots and Images of App

Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Screenshots and Images -
Ludo Supreme Gold Apk Screenshots and Images –

The Equipment used in Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

You’ll need many items to play Ludo, such as the square board with four distinct colored corners. Mostly red, yellow, blue, and green make up the color. Tokens are the second item; each player has four tokens of varying colors, which match the colors of the board.

The number you receive after rolling the dice determines how many of these tokens are placed on board. Tokens should always be moved clockwise. The last item is a pair of dice, which are used to generate random numbers between 1 and 6.

What are the rules for 6’s in Ludo Game?

  • If you roll six on the dice, you can choose to transfer an existing token to the six-number position or take a new token and set it at your starting location.
  • You gain an additional throw of the dice whenever you roll a 6.
  • A player will forfeit their turn if they roll 6 or three times in a row.

How to play Ludo Supreme Gold Apk on android devices?

Install the Ludo Star app on your smartphone after downloading the game’s Apk file from our website using the direct download link provided at the end of the post. Enable unknown sources and provide all permissions when installing an app.

Open the game by tapping on the game icon after installation. You can choose to sign in using your Google account. You can choose to play online or against friends after logging into your account. All of the tokens are initially placed in their positions at the start of the game, and you must roll a six to add a token to the game.

You have 15 seconds to finish your turn before it expires and other players have their turn. For each box moved, you receive one point. The score for that token is immediately doubled if it makes it home.

The game lasts for a total of ten minutes, after which the player with the most points is declared the winner. Try to score more points by getting home if you want to win the game.

Key Features

  • The finest board game for Android users is Ludo Supreme Gold.
  • Use and download are secure and authorized.
  • Both offline and internet modes of operation
  • Possibility of playing with family and friends.
  • Compete online with players from across the globe.
  • Possibility of player conversation.
  • Players can compete in daily base tournaments to earn a variety of prizes.
  • Suitable with all incarnations and devices of Android.
  • Simple and distinctive user interface
  • Simple to play.
  • No ads game.
  • Auto mode to prevent cheating.
  • Every regulation is detailed to prevent any player from gaining an advantage.
  • All age groups are applicable.
  • No need to increase the device’s RAM.
  • With a ton more.


A game for Android called Ludo Supreme Gold Apk was created especially for those who enjoy playing board games with their loved ones.

If you enjoy playing board games, download this one and spread the word to other players so that more people can enjoy it. For access to more games and apps, follow our page.

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