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BruHealth 3.0 Apk For Android [COVID-19 2022 App]. As you are aware, a new strain of the pandemic coronavirus has begun to circulate worldwide. As a result, each nation imposes unique limitations and develops unique policies to safeguard its citizens. The government of Brunei has created the “BruHealth 3.0” smartphone and tablet app, similar to other nations.

The creator of this new software has included a wide range of features that not only make it simple for users to stay current but also allow them to keep tabs on their health and receive various safety tips that will help them protect their families from this new version.

You must download and install this new software on your device from Google Play, which it is listed under the Health & Fitness category if you want to protect your family and keep up with the latest news.

What is BruHealth 3.0 Apk?

For Burnie residents who wish to receive the most recent information about the new coronavirus variety directly from their smartphones and tablets, the E-Government National Center has designed and distributed a new and updated health app.

The use of this software is not limited to Bruneians; individuals from other nations may also benefit from its capacity to track various health issues and offer a variety of tools for self-evaluation.

As you are aware, many people are dealing with unknown mental health difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. if they are just starting off. Try out this new software if you want to learn more about your physical and mental health through self-evaluation.

The fact that this new program is straightforward and simple to use is one of its best features. Without any prior professional knowledge, this program is simple to use for anyone who can communicate in a language. The entire evaluation report will appear on your screen for easy reading.

Through this software, you may easily contact any medical specialist online if you have any problems. Alternatively, you have the choice of sending your family doctor a hard copy or an electronic copy of a report. This software uses GPDS and Bluetooth to identify how COVID affects those in your immediate vicinity.

Screenshots and Images of App

BruHealth 3.0 Apk Screenshots and Images -
BruHealth 3.0 Apk Screenshots and Images –

Exclusive Features

  • The newest and most recent health app is called BruHealth 3.0.
  • Users of the app can shield themselves from the Covid 19 epidemic.
  • In this new app, a self-assessment tool is also offered.
  • The software is accessible to Brunei residents.
  • A separate dashboard for the situation in Brunei and globally.
  • In order to make it simple for users to get information in an emergency, it also includes a map of various medical facilities and resources.
  • Additionally, a self-screening tool for the newest Coronavirus variety is included.
  • Registration and subscription are required.
  • GPODS and Bluetooth are required for tracking.
  • Simple and convenient to use
  • Free of ads application.
  • Free to use and download.

If you have decided to download and install this new software after learning about all of the aforementioned features, self-assessment tools, and screen tools, download and install it from our website using the direct download link provided at the conclusion of the post.

Allow all rights and permit unknown sources in the security settings when installing the program. Open the app after installation, select your country code, and create an account with an active telephone number. Log into your account after creating one to access the most recent Corona updates.


3.0 of BruHealth Android is the most recent and cutting-edge health solution for consumers to make a free self-screen for new coronavirus variants. Try out this new app and tell your relatives and friends about it if you want to protect yourself against COVID-19. For access to more games and apps, follow our page.

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